Full Bio:

Haki Ammi is a best-selling author, radio host, entrepreneur, community organizer, speaker, and  job & career coach. Originally from Baltimore, MD, he started his career in the United States Navy United States Navy. Traveling and seeing many different countries gave him a global analysis. Towards the end of his Navy career he discovered the world of network marketing. After exploring and being trained by some of the top network marketers in the world, the Success Scholar explored many opportunities and areas of studies. 

Moving back to the Maryland area the Success Scholar promoted many authors, speakers, business leaders and entrepreneurs in the Baltimore area, as well as in the Prince Georges County area: Bowie and Brandywine where he resided before organizing more in the Baltimore area. 

The Success Scholar attended Baltimore City Community College and Towson State University for Business and Computer Repair.   He has experience in the historic Sandtown Winchester area through working for Baltimore’s Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, as well the Assistant Editor for the Sandtown Winchester Viewpoint Newspaper. Later expanding to go full-time as an entrepreneur opening a store at the historic Penn Avenue and North Avenue in Baltimore. 

Being inspired by his background in the Navy, he joined the Baltimore City Fire Department in 2004.  After taking many classes as the Public Information Officer and Instructor 1 course, he continues to use his communication skills and background to serve the citizens of Baltimore. He actively served 14 years on the board of the Vulcan Blazer as the Recording Secretary. Haki has been active in the community, serving as the Recording Secretary for Black Professional Men, Inc.  Recently, He was elected the Baltimore City Democratic State Central Committee District 44A.

He has been invited to speak at the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center, and as keynote speaker at Moravia High School.  One of his highlights was speaking at the Congressional Black Caucus and moderating a panel discussion. 

Currently he sits on the Advisory Board for “Empowering the Communities Block by Block”and is a recurring featured panelist at Coppin State University’s Talk Back for their Fall and Spring theatre plays. 

Known for bringing culturally empowering events to Baltimore and the DMV area he was a member of the Baltimore Chapter of ASCAC (Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization) and served as an Honorary Board Member of Association of Black Psychologists, and has been the protégé of many esteemed sociologists and historians. 

His best-selling book, Mission Unstoppable: Extraordinary Stories of Failures’ Blessings, with co-author Les Brown and Dr. George C. Fraser, has positioned the Success Scholar for extraordinary growth and acceleration. 

He has been featured in several films such as the Black Friday 2 documentary and The Men of the March: a 23rd Anniversary of the Million March.  He was also featured on an episode of Showtime’s Homeland TV series, and Shock Trauma Life at the ER.